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His widely read cybersecurity blog, Krebs on Security, covers a particularly dark corner of the Internet..." The Mythical End State of Security - Portals and Rails Blog - "EMV is a step in the right direction, but it is not the final and only step. It will not and cannot be the final investment spent on securing card payments." New York Fed Report Shows Households Adding Debt - “This quarter is the first time since before the Great Recession that household debt has increased over its year-ago levels suggesting that after a long period of deleveraging, households are borrowing again,” said Wilbert van der Klaauw, senior vice president and economist at the New York Fed. Currently live in production as a pilot with a major operator in the U. The findings in this paper are based on the discussions at this meeting and include panelists' views on mobile technology and financial access considerations for the underserved consumer, broader consumer market adoption for mobile retail payments, and the transformational role of mobile technology for financial services." Visa CEO Doesn’t See Bitcoin As Business Threat - Coin Desk - "Visa CEO Charlie Scharf offered his opinion of bitcoin and other emerging virtual currencies on 30th January in a conference call discussing Visa’s first-quarter fiscal earnings." Fred Wilson's 5 Predictions for the Future of Your Money - Inc.